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Take Advantage of Rising Crypto Volatility by Signing up with Bitcoin Circuit Today

Thousands of people are becoming immensely rich trading bitcoin through Bitcoin Circuit. You can try your luck with this AI-driven trading system by signing up for a free account. Bitcoin Circuit can generate a decent daily income for you as you sit back and enjoy life. You only need 20 minutes daily to sign up with this amazing trading system. There is increased risk in crypto trading. Invest wisely!

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Brandon K..

Calgary, CA

Profit $112,582

‘I feel like the luckiest person in the world having made good profits amid a pandemic. It’s about six months since I started trading with Bitcoin Circuit. This trading platform has transformed my financial life. I have grown a $500 account to over $100,000 in less than a year of trading.’

Janet M..

Dublin, IR

Profit $48,512

‘I stumbled upon Bitcoin Circuit when surfing the net for passive online income opportunities. The system is proving to be a real money-making machine. I started with just $250 two months ago, and my account balance is nearly hitting $50,000. The secret to making more money with this system is to compound all profits.’

Tabitha T..

Queensland, AUS

Profit $15,121

‘I have been a stay at home mum for three years now, but my financial health is ten times better than most working moms. Bitcoin Circuit has been my secret weapon. This trading system is all you need to turn around your financial life. I started with just $250 and have already generated a fortune within months of trading.’

Alexander F..

Johannesburg, SA

Profit $6,874

‘Bitcoin Circuit has given me the life I have always dreamt about. My mortgage is fully paid, and I can afford at least two vacations to Europe each year. This goes without mentioning that I am saving a significant amount each month for my retirement. Bitcoin Circuit proves that AI is the next big thing in the world of trading.’



Our trading system is widely reviewed by experts both on crypto publications and the mainstream media. We also have nearly 200k reviews on leading review platforms. Most of our reviewers indicate a positive trading experience.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the bread and butter of a successful algorithmic trading strategy. Our trading system is based on this technology. We are the first free bitcoin trading robot to apply AI and blockchain. The role of blockchain is to ensure a transparent trading ecosystem. This means that you can follow all aspects of your trading account in real-time.


Powerful Trading Platforms

The majority of our users are happy with our trading system. You can access our system from your desktop or mobile devices. The Bitcoin Circuit system is compatible with most web-browsers. We offer a highly intuitive mobile app that is only available for download to registered users.



NameProfitTrade TimeCryptocurrencyResult
Olivia Williams$ 5,79217/01/2021BTC/ETHTick Icon
Mason Johnson$ 82317/01/2021LTC/EOSTick Icon
Avery Thompson$ 1,35717/01/2021ETH/LTCTick Icon
Charlotte Lewis$ 33217/01/2021LTC/EOSTick Icon
Sophia Hill$ 1,68417/01/2021BTC/ETHTick Icon
Benjamin Carter$ 85017/01/2021EOS/ETHTick Icon
Lucas Evans$ 2,45917/01/2021LTC/EOSTick Icon
Amelia Parker$ 2,18317/01/2021BTC/ETHTick Icon
Isabella Morgan $ 3,98117/01/2021LTC/EOSTick Icon
Thomas Reed$ 92117/01/2021BTC/ETHTick Icon



Use the signup form above to register for a Bitcoin Circuit trading account. We have made the signup process easy and fast. Your account will be approved as soon as you confirm your contact details. Please submit your best email and phone number since this is what we will use to reach out to you.


Fund your trading account through the matched robot broker with as little as USD250. This amount is what the broker will use to place orders as directed by our trading system. Bitcoin Circuit generates signals and relays them to the broker for implementation. Our partner brokers use powerful systems to ensure instant order execution.


After deposit, you can download our desktop or mobile app and start trading. You can also use our highly intuitive web-trader. The web-trader is compatible with all major browsers both on desktop and mobile devices. We are a full auto-trading system and hence easy to use for complete beginners.



How much can I make in a day?

Bitcoin Circuit has an average daily return of up to 60%. This means that it’s possible to earn good profits in a day of trading. An account with USD250 in invested capital can grow to $750 on the first day of trading. Bitcoin Circuit can earn you a fortune in a few months of trading if you compound at least 60% of daily profits.

Is Bitcoin Circuit Regulated?

Yes! Bitcoin Circuit operates under stringently regulated robot brokers. The robot works with over 15 brokers reportedly regulated by tier-one bodies such as the CySEC, FCA, ASIC, and ASIC. Bitcoin Circuit also complies with the GDPR, a regulation that governs how online platforms handle clients’ data.

How much should I deposit?

You can deposit as much as you can, but the minimum deposit is $250. You are likely to make huge profits faster if you invest more. Even so, a deposit of $250 can still grow to a fortune through reinvestment. Our trading system performance is tied to general market conditions and your ability to observe trading instructions.

How do I withdraw from Bitcoin Circuit?

You must go through ID verification on the partner’s broker page to be able to withdraw. The verification is seamless and fast. Identity verification is a mandatory measure aimed at preventing money laundering among other financial crimes. It also helps us identify you and make sure that no third party can access your account.

How many hours of trading do I need daily?

Bitcoin Circuit is an auto-trading platform. This means that technical trading functions happen automatically. Consequently, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights analyzing the markets for trading insights. About twenty minutes daily are enough to set your account for trading. You can continue with other businesses as the robot trades for you.

Does Bitcoin Circuit charge hidden costs?

No! Bitcoin Circuit doesn’t charge any hidden fees. The only charge you pay with our trading system is a 2% commission on profits made through us. Trading fees in terms of competitive floating spreads apply on the side of the broker. These fees are insignificant, given the profitability potential offered by our trading system.